April Recap

Hey y’all!  I  know I’ve been neglecting the blog this past month, but I wanted to come back and do a semi update on a few things I’ve wanted to post all in one.

Nail Update DSC_1331 I’ll have a full nail update coming soon, but I did discover a way to help my nails stay protected and to keep them from breaking.  This picture was taken at the beginning of April and my nails are much longer now.  Don’t worry, I’ll share my secret:-)

International Textile Expo

I attended the International Textile Expo this year and it was cool, because this was the first year it was held in Atlanta.  It’s an expo only open to retailers and manufacturers who buy or use fabrics, notions, trimmings and patterns for their business.

DSC_1327 DSC_1322 DSC_1319   My Sister’s Bornday

My sister’s birthday was in April also and we celebrate with food.  Lots of it.  So we went out to dinner multiple times.  One outing was at Brookwood Grill, one of our fave restaurants.DSC_1378 DSC_1351 DSC_1352 DSC_1353Atlanta Dogwood Festival

I attended the annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival with my family and had a blast!  I love festivals and I go almost every year to this fest for all of the beautiful and unique art and the yummy food.

DSC_1395 DSC_1410 DSC_1399 DSC_1418 DSC_1499 DSC_1409 DSC_1514 Marley Twists DSC_1523


I installed my marley twists almost 3 weeks ago and I love them!  In a future post, I’ll give you all the deets on the brand, color, and products I used for the install.  I’ll also share how I’m maintaining them.

Focus T25



I’ve also started the Beachbody Focus T25 program by Sean T.  It’s crazy how great of a workout you can get in just 25 minutes.  I’ll be posting my results from this also:-)

I hope everyone had an awesome April and Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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Braid Out on Blown Out Hair

DSC_1082 One of my uncles got married a few weeks ago and I wanted to do something different for the wedding.  Initially, I planned on flat ironing my hair.  It’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen myself with straight hair, so that would have been cool.  I looked at the weather forecast and saw rain for the weekend, which I hear is good luck for weddings, but bad business for straight natural hair.  I instead, decided to do a braid out on blown out hair.DSC_1052 The products I used were:

  • Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Leave-In Spray
  • Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Blow Drying Cream
  • Fekkai Glossing Cream (I’ve used this since my relaxed days and it’s a staple)


The styling tools I used were:

  • Rat Tail for parting
  • Wide Tooth Comb for Detangling
  • Roller Brush for keeping the hair taut and straight for tension method blow drying
  • Modified Denman Brush for blowing out the hair
  • Clips
  • Blow Dryer of course

DSC_1057I started with freshly washed and hennaed hair.DSC_1063I divided my hair into 8 sections.DSC_1064I finger detangeld, then followed with the wide tooth comb.DSC_1066 I lightly sprayed the heat tame spray and then followed with less than a dime sized amount of the blow drying cream and the glossing cream.  I followed with the blow dry.DSC_1058Half way done!DSC_1059Afterwards, I put each half into a bantu knot to stretch it a little more.  On the pic below, the left was stretched and the right side wasn’t.  You can clearly see the difference.
I then braided my hair up using Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie, sealed with a little whipped shea butter.DSC_1075The next day, I was all set!DSC_1076DSC_1077I took down each braid, with lightly oiled fingers.DSC_1078I love how shiny, henna makes my hair.DSC_1079I did a little fluffing and separating and my look was complete!  I loved it!  My hair was stretched, but still big and defined.  I still plan to flat iron sometime this year.  I have no idea when, so be on the lookout:-)DSC_1081


Do you ever blow out your hair or use heat before styling?


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I’m a Henna Head(Henna Gloss Edition)

DSC_1019 I have a semi secret love affair with henna.  It strengthens my strands, makes my hair super shiny, and gives my hair a nice reddish tint.  But, the process is messy and takes forever, which is why I don’t do henna treatments as often as I should.DSC_1005When I first started experimenting with henna a few years ago, I tried Curly Nikki’s Henna Recipe and it worked for me, so it’s my go to mix.  It consist of:

*I mix it in a plastic bowl with a plastic spoon, pop the lid on, and let it sit out overnight.  Once I’m ready to apply it, I add a few tablespoons of honey.

DSC_1010This time, I did a henna gloss.  My henna gloss starts with the same recipe as above, but I add in conditioner and oils to make it more moisturizing and easier to wash out.DSC_1011I added a little coconut milk, Aussie Moist conditioner, Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner, a blend of oils, and some cheapie conditioner.DSC_1012DSC_1013I kept adding until it reached a creamy consistency.DSC_1014I divided my hair into 4 sections, then applied my mix.DSC_1017DSC_1018DSC_1025All done!  I just realized the newspaper I wrapped around my shoulders looks like a cowboy scarf.DSC_1030I threw on a shower cap, then wrapped my head with saran wrap.DSC_1036DSC_1034I washed it out the next morning and of course I forgot to take pics.  Whoops.  This was my hair after styling though.  My hair is really shiny, has a lot of body and feels soft.DSC_1079

Even though this process takes forever and a day and is way too messy, I’m considering adding henna glosses to my regimen more often.  Do you ever do henna glosses? If so, what’s your recipe?


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I Still Haven’t Mastered the Jumbo Perm Rod Set

DSC_0834 My hair and jumbo perm rods don’t get along.  Let me rephrase.  They don’t work well together.  The pictures below are of a failed perm rod attempt from a year ago.  I made a blog post about it, but couldn’t bring myself to post it.DSC_0843 I had curls, but my roots didn’t look how I wanted them and my hair was a little too frizzy for my liking. DSC_0846


Fast forward to this year.  I saw this tutorial pop up on my youtube feed from the lovely Naptural85 and I knew I had to try it out.


DSC_0995 This is the size of the perm rods I used.  I used 18 in total.DSC_0994 I totally see where I went wrong now.  Mixing eco styler gel with curling gel souffle, was a horrible idea.  In the video, Whitney uses homemade flax-seed gel and since the curling gel souffle has flax-seed oil in it, I thought it would be perfect.  Unfortunately, I thought wrong.DSC_0993 So, this was my hair after taking down the perm rods.IMG_20140308_171249_327 Excuse the bad quality pics here.  My sister was using my camera for business purposes, so camera phone pics had to do.IMG_20140308_171212_706Then, I got my camera back!  You can tell from the look on my face, I wasn’t happy with my results.  My hair was hard, crunchy, and piecey.  Not my ideal combo.  It felt heavily coated and weighed down.DSC_0980 DSC_0982 I separated and separated and tried to fluff it the best I could.DSC_0989 My hair had good shine and was very bouncy and springy though.  DSC_0991 Either way, I threw me a head band on and still made it work.IMG_20140308_180820_253

I’m going to attempt this style again sometime over the next few months.  I think I may be able to finally master the jumbo perm rod set.  As of now, the score is: Perm Rods-2, Me-0.  Smh.

Have you tried a jumbo perm rod set?  If so, were you successful?


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2014 Length Check

DSC_0939It’s length check time!  This was due in January, but better late than never.  I actually dusted my ends back in January and got rid of about 1″-1.5″ all around.  Doing so made my hair appear fuller and healthier.  So, I would have had more length, but I’m all for health over just length.  I’m not a hard-core trimmer and I don’t trim on a schedule.  Instead, I only trim as needed.  You can see my 2013 length check here.DSC_0941 I started with a stretched curlformer set, because I get more accurate length checks with thoroughly detangled and stretched hair.DSC_0942 This is the front.  I see a big difference in length vs last year.  This comes as no surprise, because the front and top of my hair have always grown faster and easily retained length compared to the rest of my hair.
DSC_0945 Here is the right sideDSC_0947 And the left sideDSC_0950

I’ve always wanted to take a picture like this 😛DSC_0998 And here is the back.  I’ve always had more trouble retaining length in the back.  The good news is I’m almost at midback length and I’m about 4.5″ away from waist length.  So it’s very possible for me to reach my goal by the end of the year or at least by next summer.


I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!  Do you keep track of your hair growth?


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9 Inch Nails: How to Naturally Grow Long & Healthy Nails

via heyfranhey

via heyfranhey

I’ve been attempting to take better care of myself in every way this year and I often forget about the health of my nails.  I’ve never had a big problem with growing my nails a decent length, but I normally experience breakage the longer they grow.  I follow the lovely Francheska of heyfranhey and she posted her nail growing “secret.”  She suggested rubbing unrefined virgin coconut oil(or any natural oil of your choice) on your nails once a day.  Nails break when they become dry and brittle and the oil strengthens and moisturizes your nails.  The top picture and the one below are her results!

via heyfranhey

via heyfranhey

Her nails look amazing!  If you opt to wear nail polish, she suggest putting a layer of oil on your nail, then your base coat, followed by your polish.  Then, finish with your top coat to lock in the moisture.

via heyfranhey

via heyfranhey

I will be trying this out for the next month and posting my results.  The following pics are of my nails after oiling them sporadically for a week.  I can’t wait to see my results over the next month!



Does anyone else oil their nails?  If so, do you get good results?



2014 Hair Goals


I know we’re nearing the end of February, but it’s not too late to post my hair goals for this year.

  • I really want to reach waist length.  *crosses fingers*  Even if I’m just close to waist length, I’ll be happy with that.
  • I want to try out more cute protective styles.
  • It’s been 2 years since I’ve flat ironed my hair, so I want to flat iron once or twice this year.
  • I want to wash and deep condition my hair more often.
  • I want to be more consistent with my regimen.
  • I want to keep my hair stretched 100% of the time except during wash day to prevent tangling.
  • Above all else, I want to have healthy hair.

Those are the main hair things I want to focus on in 2014.  Do you have any hair goals for the year?




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